Modi statement on Indian fighter jets

Modi’s First statement after the Indian fighter jets were shot down


On Thursday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked Indians to “stand as a wall”. His statement was flourishing with anger. He was sweltering with anguish over Pakistan’s quick and sudden response to their violation of LOC.

In his first statement after the damage of two of their jets, he urged the Indian civilians to be united “as the enemy seeks to destabilize India. In the face of their objective, every Indian should stand as a wall, as a rock.”

He continued “the entire country is one today and standing with our soldiers. The world is looking at our collective will and we have faith in our forces’ capacity. India will live as one. India will work as one. India will grow as one. India will fight as well. India will win as well.”
During his entire speech procession, he didn’t mention Pakistan by name.

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