Mohabbat Tujhy Alvida—Episode 3 Review

Mohabbat Tujhy Alvida—Episode 3 Review


The newly begin drama serial “Mohabbat Tujhy Alvida” expressed a beautiful love story of a couple that is not rich in worldly pursuits but rich in terms of loving each other. From the very first episode, we have a slight glimpse into the character of the protagonist Sonya Hussain aka Ulfat and Zahid Ahmed aka Shahan.

Mohabbat Tujhy Alvida—Episode 3 Review

The beautiful yet strong and loving relationship between these two characters has left us in awe. Meanwhile, Mansha Pasha was also no less in her new avatar. So, what happened in the third episode of the drama serial, let us discuss in this article Mohabbat Tujhy Alvida—Episode 3 Review.

Shahan is very upset that he is unsuccessful in saving money to fulfill the dreams of his wife Ulfat. He cursed himself for being such a poor husband and wished death for himself. Ulfat slapped him and asked him not to utter such words as nothing is more important to her than the fact that her husband loves her from all his heart. So, the audience of the show gets really happy to see how Shahan’s love for Ulfat is greater than Ulfat’s desire of becoming rich.

On the other hand, Shafaq’s (Mansha Pasha) father (Role performed by the veteran actor Javed Sheikh) got a cardiac arrest. She calls his daughter but she was busy in her meeting. Fortunately, Shahan goes to Shafaq’s office to give her some important files and documents and discovered that her cell phone is constantly ringing. He smells something fishy and tried his best to inform Shafaq but she asked him not to disturb her while she is busy in her meeting with the clients.

Shahan’s worries let him attend the call on Shafaq’s mobile phone and after discovering the poor health of her father, he managed to take him to the hospital and saved his life.
Though Shahan has done an excellent job still Shafaq is rudely behaving towards him even knowing that he saved her father’s life. She was so rude to him that she fires him on the spot! It seemed a little bit weird. How can one be so mean and selfish?

However, later one, Shafaq realized that he has done wrong with Shahan and apologized to him by saying him to join the office. However, now Shahan didn’t agree and left the job. Another weird thought. He knows he hasn’t any other option and still decided to quit the job just his ego is being hurt.

Shafaq caught Ulfat

Meanwhile, Shafaq caught Ulfat in a jewelry shop where she clicked that Ulfat is in love with the materialistic things. She offers her shopping and even lunch, though deep inside, Ulfat wishes to have such items, she refused her in quite a dignified manner.

While leaving, Shafaq asked Ulfat to tell Shahan that she is offering a good promotion to him very soon.

Well, the storyline of the drama serial is very engaging and of course, the characters as well, let’s see what happened with poor Shahan and his family as Shafaq has set an eye upon him.

Mohabbat Tujhy Alvida—Episode 3 Review
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Mohabbat Tujhy Alvida—Episode 3 Review
what happened in the third episode of the drama serial, let us discuss in this article Mohabbat Tujhy Alvida—Episode 3 Review.
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