Mohammad Bin Salman Starts ‘Road to Makkah Project’ Right Away at Karachi’s Jinnah Airport

Following its successful launch in Islamabad, the Road to Makkah project, spearheaded by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, is now extending to Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport. This expansion highlights the Saudi government’s commitment to improving the pilgrimage experience for Hajj travelers, including those from Sindh.

The project aims to simplify immigration procedures for Hajj pilgrims, particularly those from Karachi and across Sindh. By setting up Saudi immigration facilities at Jinnah International Airport, pilgrims can complete necessary clearances before departure, reducing the need for extensive processes upon arrival in Jeddah or Madinah. This streamlined approach intends to cut waiting times and address logistical challenges associated with large-scale pilgrimages.

A Saudi delegation, working alongside local authorities, conducted a thorough inspection to ensure the smooth implementation of the project. Meetings with airport officials, security personnel, customs, and immigration agencies demonstrate meticulous planning and coordination to address various aspects, including logistics and security.

The delegation’s briefings and discussions with technical teams indicate careful consideration of processing requirements and procedures, crucial for the efficient operation of Saudi immigration facilities at Karachi Airport.

Once operational, the Road to Makkah project at Jinnah International Airport will significantly enhance the Hajj pilgrimage experience for thousands of pilgrims. By expediting immigration procedures and offering direct transportation to accommodations, the project aims to minimize the stress and discomfort often associated with long journeys and crowded airports.

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