Mohsin Abbas Haider depression

Mohsin Abbas Haider has finally spoken about his depression and it really helps him in overcoming it


Mohsin Abbas Haider, one of the leading Pakistani actor and singer was finally opened up about his depression. Suffering from depression and fighting against it really needs stamina and courage to endure. At this crucial period in your life, the only thing that you need is the support of someone who can understand you. Mohsin did share his sufferings and in response he got his fans standing with him that really helps him in fighting against it.

Last night, he has shared a video in which he thanked all his supporters by saying, “I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for all those messages of love, concern, and support you guys showed about my depression.” We all are suffering in our lives one way or another. Sometimes, we feel like talking about it and it actually really helps. It helped me a lot.”

He continued saying that, “I’m not the kind of person who would share his personal life publicly. But when you surpass your limits, I think that’s when talking about it becomes a necessity. And that’s exactly what I did.” Further, he explained, “The kind of support I received from with the industry, from my fellow actors, peers, friends, and fans, has only made me believe that we should never hide it. We should always talk about it.”

He ended up his video by paying regards. He is very famous among the masses for his acting skills and singing talent. He also got advice from other celebrity friends to consult a professional for your problems. We really love you Mohsin Abbas and want to see you happy as always.

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