Mohsin Abbas Haider side story

Mohsin Abbas Haider Provides His Side of the Story


The domestic issue between the singer cum actor Mohsin Abbas Haider and his wife Fatima Sohail is making rounds on social media these days. The actor has faced immense backlash after beating his wife a number of times. He has been charged with physical abuse by his wife Fatima Sohail on Saturday.

It is pertinent to note that the couple married back in 2015. Their relationship wasn’t that public to discuss anything like this. However, his wife took to her Facebook handle and started explaining publically the way she is being treated by her husband.

She starts her arguments with the very first line “Zulm bardasht karna bhi gunah hai”.

She further introduced herself to the audience and shared details about physical abuse that she has been a subject to since years.   

The direct outcome of these allegations against Mohsin Abbas resulted in a great criticism against Mohsin Abbas and most of them were his celebrity fellows.

Mahira Khan was quick to respond in these words,

The very talented, Osman Khalid Butt also come up with negative remarks about Mohsin Abbas Haider.

Then Hania Amir,

Asim Azhar also gives his stance when somebody asked to wait for Mohsin’s response over this issue. He was quick to respond to him in these words.

In the wake of all this which was going on the social media, Mohsin Abbas Haider finally comes up with his side of the story. He held a press conference to discuss this gross matter.

Talking to the media persons, he revealed that,

“I’ll definitely come out with my truth. I’m happy, she did this. I was waiting for this for so long. I’ll now open up with the truth in front of the public, along with the proofs. I will tell the world what happened in our relationship for three years. But I’m happy that this toxic relationship will leave her and me soon.”

Here’s his entire press conference,

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