Monal Restaurant in Lahore

Monal Restaurant (Lahore)


Monal Restaurant

The environment and the location of Monal Restaurant is something one usually crave for. With a fabulous and amazing service, Monal Restaurant Lahore has won the heart of every Lahori. The quality and taste of the food are no less than homemade mazedar food.

The best part of this restaurant is its location. The location where you can see the beautiful view of a colorful and majestic city, especially on a cloudy day. The lights and music, everything adds to your experience of enjoying a lavish dining experience.

Monal Lahore

Located at Park and Ride Plaza, Liberty Gulberg III, Round About, Lahore, Pakistan, the restaurant has made its mark in the Lahore’s food market. With one indoor hall, six outdoor terraces and a children’s play place also, this food joint is a favorite family entertainment spot for the young and old alike. Certainly, the best place to dine with your favorite ones.

Monal Liberty

Monal is always a delight and the place serves you well and everything is cooked to perfection to delight you. It has a good variety of nans, mutton delicacies and chicken dishes varying from Pakistani to Chinese. In a nutshell, I would rather say that the restaurant never ceases to impress us.

Monal Thai Platter

Monal Food

Monal Fast Food

Another best part of this restaurant is that it has started a campaign against the wastage of food. Started a trend of offering a 10% discount to those customers who do not waste their food, Monal Restaurant has set a standard for himself.

Monal Preventing Food Wastage

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