More than 1,000 Pakistani Doctors Set to Journey to Palestine for Treating Victims

Over 1,000 healthcare professionals have stepped forward to offer their services in Gaza during the ongoing crisis, according to Dr. Zahid Latif, Chairman of the Al-Khidmat Health Foundation, in a recent interview with a local news outlet. Among these dedicated professionals, 400 are female doctors.

These enlisted medical services suppliers encompass a range of specialties, including orthopedic, vascular, and general specialists, anesthetists, pediatric surgeons, emergency and critical care specialists, as well as gynecologists.

In Gaza, the medical care framework has confronted critical difficulties because of Israeli airstrikes destroying multiple health facilities, and the loss of many doctors and paramedics. More than 18,000 people have supported wounds, with restricted admittance to vital clinical supplies.

Dr. Zahid Latif has communicated the willingness of Pakistani healthcare professionals to serve in Gaza to the World Health Organization (WHO) country office in Islamabad and the WHO EMRO head office in Cairo, Egypt. They have asked for guidance on when these professionals can be deployed to the conflict zone. However, Al-Khidmat has not yet received the green light from WHO and its partner organizations to send these healthcare experts to any neighboring country of Israel for service in Gaza.

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