More than 18,000 Spectators Witness Pakistan Vs. Tajikistan Football Match at Jinnah Stadium

In the FIFA World Cup 2026 Qualifiers, the Pakistan football team faced a formidable 6-1 defeat against Tajikistan, but the spirited squad found solace in the steadfast support of over 18,000 enthusiastic fans at Islamabad’s Jinnah Stadium.

With an official attendance recorded at 18,300, the crowd, complying with FIFA regulations with exclusive seating in the enclosure, exuded excitement and hope for a stellar performance by the Pakistan team on their home ground.

On the flip side, the remaining sections of Jinnah Stadium lacked seating, and spectators were prohibited from occupying the stairs.

Despite Tajikistan’s dominant performance, Pakistan demonstrated resilience with Rahis Nabi’s impressive left-footed goal in the 21st minute. Nevertheless, the home team encountered persistent challenges, resulting in Tajikistan securing a commanding three-goal lead just before halftime and adding another goal in the 65th minute.

The match underscored the enduring passion and support of Pakistani football fans, emphasizing their unwavering dedication in the face of an unfavorable outcome.

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