Mort Zuckerman Net Worth 2019

Real Estate Tycoon, Mort Zuckerman Net Worth 2019


What is Mortimer B Zuckerman’s Net Worth 2019?

At the current age of 81 years, Zuckerman’s net worth for 2019 is $2.9 billion!

Who is Mort?

Mort Zuckerman, real estate tycoon and publisher has an assessed net worth of 2.5 billion dollars as reported by Forbes, since May 2015! further reported his net worth position as stated below:

  • No 613 – World Billionaires List
  • No 546 – 2012
  • No 213 – in the USA
  • No 190 – Forbes 400 List

Biography of Mort Zuckerman Net Worth

Mortimer Benjamin Zuckerman saw his first daylight on 4th June 1937, in the city of Montreal – Quebec – Canada.

The billionaire was born into a Jewish family.

He married Marla Prather in 1996 – the couple parted during 2001. Mort has two daughters Abigail with Prather (1997) and Renée Esther (2008) with Sonja Zuckerman, his current spouse.

According to sources his nationality is Canadian-American.

Education of Mort Zuckerman

Mortimer B Zuckerman, acquired a B.A. during 1957, whilst acquiring a BCL during 1961 studying at the McGill University.

However, he skipped the bar exam. During 1961 he achieved his MBA at the Pennsylvania University Wharton School and obtained a distinction.

During 1962, at the Harvard Law School, he obtained his LL.M degree.

Mort Zuckerman Net Worth 2019

Mortimer Zuckerman: Career

  • For a period of 9 years Mortimer was an associate professor at the Harvard business school, whilst he also tutored at Yale University.
  • For a period of 7 years he was employed at Cabot – Cabot and Forbes, which is a real estate company.
  • In 1980 he purchased The Atlantic Monthly, a literary magazine where he acted as chairman since 1980 – 1999. David G Bradley purchased the magazine during 1999 for the amount of $12 million.
  • During 1984 he purchased the US News and World Report where he stayed in the position as editor in chief.
  • He is a column writer for New York Daily News as well as US News and World Report, whilst he often commentates about world affairs.
  • Mort Zuckerman also appeared on The McLaughlin Group & MSNBC.
  • He was a Barack Obama supporter in the presidential election of 2008, whilst he supported Mitt Romney during 2012.
  • He is Boston Properties, one of the topmost USA’s investment trusts’, co-establisher; former CEO as well as executive chairman.



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