‘Mosques to be closed if corona spreads in Ramzan,’ PM Imran Khan

‘Mosques to be closed if corona spreads in Ramzan,’ PM Imran Khan


Islamabad: On Tuesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan has urged the nation to pray at home during the holy month of Ramzan and seek forgiveness from the Almighty.

He has warned the nation that if the coronavirus spread due to the large gatherings in the mosques, then the mosques will be closed.

While presiding over a high level meeting, he expressed his views with the fellow party workers regarding the opening of mosques during Ramzan.

He explained that it is not just happening in Pakistan but there are other Islamic countries as well that are taking these steps to ensure the safety of their citizens.

While commenting on the lockdown restrictions, he stated that the lockdown restrictions would further relax gradually.

He said, “We are trying our best to ease difficulties being faced by the people during these difficult times.”

Earlier, he has made discussions with the top religious scholars of the country. And after consultation, it was decided that the people can offer prayers and Taraweeh in mosques but precautionary measures should be strictly followed.

“In an independent society we cannot stop people from going to mosques,” he added.

He also warned the nation to not take it lightly. He mentioned that if cases started coming due to large gathering in mosques then he has to close them.

“If the virus spreads, we will have no other option but to impose a ban on congregational prayers,” he explained.

He went on saying, “And if the virus spread due to violation of the safety precautions, then the mosques would have to be shut down, which none wanted.”

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