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Motu Patlu 2020 is an awesome animated cartoon series that was developed by Indian animators. It broke many records for the popularity. Each developer tries his or her best to make the app or final product viral. But sometimes few creations are promoted by other people willingly. Same thing happened with motu patlu cartoon series. After the launch of this wonderful animated series on tv kids, teens and even old aged persons gave much appreciation and acceptance to it.

Motu Patlu 2020

Motu Patlu 2020 youtube will be as much popular as it is today. The views and subscribers are increasing day by day for this wonderful development. Let us narrate some history so that you get the complete introduction.

Indian animated sitcom was originally produced by Cosmos-Maya and the year was 16 October, 2012.

Motu Patlu First Episode:

In first episode Jon Banega Don was the most famous because it made people aware of the real brand. And two important characters were introduced in it. The name of first character was motu and other name is patlu. Both are living in a city named Furfuri Nagar and that’s how the story began.

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Most Popular kids show:

The most popular kids show in India is moto patlu. The interesting song has great poetry and it was named as Motu aur Patlu ki Jodi. So this Jodi is getting millions of views and subscribers each month. Now it has become official kids’ entertainment channel in India and even in other Asian countries as well.

Pakistani kids are also fan of these two characters. The language which is used here is quite interesting. Both get stuck in difficult situations often. But by way of good luck they get out of danger zones.

Moto Patlu favorite Food

Moto’s favorite food is samosas and he always likes to snatch it from Chaiwala shop. Because it is considered as best shop in the city. He steals the samosa often from that shop. Motu actually is a person who commits wrongs acts. He always creates problem for himself and for his friend patlu.

Episode nameMotu Patlu
File Size1.4 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.0 and above
Last Updated02-November-2019

But patlu is smart he finds some way to find the solution. Actual or real friends are assets of life. If one friend is in danger, then other person takes out the friend from danger or risky position. Same things we see in this animated kids cartoon series.

Every month we observe cartoon series on the internet, But we should keep in mind especially for parents it is vital to keep an eye, what kind of content is being presented here.

Kids’ education will depend on the media as well. What do they watch daily? Even now on smart phones kids remain busy and shuffling here and there. They do not know what is good for them and what can destroy their moral values? They do not know at all, so its parents ‘responsibility to check the history and their children interests.

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Some cartoons show these types of typical trends in their series and it can be dangerous for them for example:

  • Violence
  • Fighting in the whole series
  • Adult content
  • Elements of cheating others
  • Tricks to make other fools
  • Disappointment or lack of courage
  • Always failure, hesitation to take initial steps

Frequently Asked Possible Question regarding Motu Patlu

Who created Motu Patlu?

Motu Patlu
Created byHarvind Makkad
Written byNiraj Vikram
Directed bySuhas Kadav
Voices ofSaurav Chakraborty Omi Sharma Sankalp Brian D. Costa Rajah Renu Sharda

Is Motu Patlu King of Kings a comedy?

Motu PatluKing of Kings is a 2016 Indian 3D computer-animated adventure comedy film directed by Suhas Kadav and produced by Ketan Mehta. The film was inspired by the popular TV series Motu Patlu, which itself adapted from the characters published by Lotpot magazine. … The film was released on 14 October 2016.

Is Furfuri Nagar real?

Furfuri Hagar is not a real place…it’s just an imagination dear.. Furfuri nagar is the area where motu patlu takes place and where the main characters of motu patlu live. it also has few neighbouring town like sursuri nagar kamalpur and modern city.the town host international competition.

What does Motu Patlu mean in English?

The approximate equivalent is : Longshanks and Girth (From czechoslovakian folk tale — Long shank, Keen and Girth). Motu is a man who is fat, and Patlu is a man who is thin.

What was the song on Motu Patlu?

♪ Motu Patlu song ” Santa Claus We’re Ready For You ” ft.

Who gave the voice of Motu Patlu?

Meet the Voice of Motu & Patlu – Saurav Chakraborty.

So, these stereotypes elements keep our kids lazy and their growth process get affected.


Motu Patlu New Episode | Hindi Cartoons For Kids | Motu Patlu Ka Flying Ship 2019-2020

18 Main characters in Motu Patlu

Let us briefly discuss about the characters of Motu Patlu animated comic show.

  1. Motu
  2. Patlu
  3. Jhatka
  4. Ghasitaram
  5. Chingum
  6. John
  7. Number 1
  8. Number 2
  9. Boxer
  • Hera Singh
  • Bubblegum
  • Pheri Lal
  • Sabziwala
  • Johnny
  • Virus
  • Munni
  • Mayor
  • Chotu

Motu Patlu Most famous Episodes

  • Motu Patlu Canteen
  • Motu Patlu Acchey Insaan
  • Furfuri Nagar Mein Bhoot
  • Motu The Sun Flower
  • Motu-Patlu In Hotel
  • Chingum Ek Roop Anek
  • Teleporting Machine
  • Bacche Motu Patlu
  • Lie Detector Robot
  • Party Aaj Raat Ko
  • Motu Patlu In Balloon
  • Inaam Dus Karood
  • Motu Patlu Ki Dukan
  • Supersonic Speed Band
  • Pirates Of Furfuri Nagar
  • Super Star Motu Patlu
  • Motu Patlu Hands Up
  • Motu The Super Dog Man
  • Adventure Of Mansi And Akaash
  • Motu Patlu – Dr Jhatka Ki Fighting Machine
  • John Shrinks Motu Patlu
  • Motu The Roller Skate Coach
  • Motu Patlu – The Best Commando
  • Motu Patlu Laundry Shop
  • Machchar In The Car
  • Bhooton Ki Lottery
  • Boxer Ki Akad
  • Smile Please
  • Fighting Zone

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Motu Patlu Movies

Motu Patlu has become a brand they are taking ads from different companies. Horlicks is another major brand in India with whoom they have signed a deal. Motu patlu directors are releasing many products and related services with their brand names. A lot of record breaking movies are coming out which are mentioned below.

  • Motu Patlu in Wonderland
  • Motu Patlu Deep Sea Adventure
  • Motu Patlu Khazaane Ki Race
  • Motu Patlu in Carnival Island
  • Motu Patlu in Alien World
  • Motu Patlu: The Invisible Plane
  • Kung Fu Kings 3: Motu Patlu In Hong Kong
  • Motu Patlu in the City of Gold
  • Motu Patlu The Superheroes:Supervillains From Mars
  • Motu Patlu and Robo Kids

so, you saw there are a lot of successful launches by Suhas Kadav.

Who is Music composer of Motu Patlu?

The music composer of Motu Patlu Sandesh Shandiya.

Who are producers for Motu Patlu Animated Cartoon?

The names of producers for this great cartoon program are Deepa Sahi as well as Anish JS Mehta. Sukhwinder Singh sang a song for motu patlu series.

Wow Kidz

So, basically it is a main source where a lot of animated cartoon series are published. This channel was established on 27, June 2015 and till today it is live, according to the 5th November 2019 the channel got almost 6,330,815,174  views so far from the viewers.

Official Contact Details for Motu Patlu

The official email for motu patlu is


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