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Motu Patlu are two best friends who never leave each other in any trouble in Motu Patlu Game. They are living in Furfuri Nagar and there is not a single day in their life where they don’t fall into any trouble. However, the best part is that both successfully men their problems and always win.

Often, they two fall in troubles because of Motu and his clumsy actions. They have made a lot of friends who help them out in case of trouble, and eventually, there is a happy ending.

Perfect Animation in Motu Patlu

These cartoons are really getting a lot of popularity and fame across the world because of the perfect animation and storyline.

Motu Patlu First Episode

Its first episode was aired on October 16, 2012. Ever since, these cartoons are being watched in every house on its destined time; from Monday to Friday at 6 PM on Nickelodean.

It has 4 seasons so far.

Motu Patlu Game

Recently, the Motu Patlu 2020 game is also being launched by the Nazara Games and June Software. It completely guarantees your privacy and doesn’t share your personal information on any platform. It is of 32M size with a 1.3. current version.

This game is full of epic races between Motu Patlu and the rest of the gang.

The players are being asked to join them in their adventurous races to score more and more and to get life-saving boosters with each achievement.

There are multiple powers available in the games. With the help of these powers, you can boost up your immunity and slow down your opponent very easily.

Buy Weapons in Motu Patlu

You can also earn coins each time you win a race, you can buy new characters of your choice whenever you want, you can buy weapons as well to defeat your competitors. While winning a race, you will be awarded exciting trophies as well.

Boosters in Motu Patlu

There are three different types of boosters available in the game. These are,

  • Samosizer
  • Portalizer
  • Rocketeer

With the help of these boosters, you can speed yourself up quite comfortably.

Apart from these boosters, multiple other options will help you out to win your game against your opponents. A magic hourglass can be very useful when you want to slow down the time for your rivals.

There are hundreds of exciting missions available in the game that will take you into another world; a world full of fun and adventures.

There are multiple vehicles available in the game. These vehicles ranging from scooters to cycle and bullet. These are available in the following colors,

  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Red

Exploding Rockets, slow down waves, magic hourglass, powerful vehicles, deadly punch boxes, and exciting boosters are your ultimate tools while racing against your opponents.

So, it’s your turn to take part in this game and experience a ride full of enjoyment and superb animations.


Motu Patlu Game
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Motu Patlu Game
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