Motu Patlu New Episode

Motu Patlu New Episode


Motu Patlu are two best friends who never leave each other in any trouble. They are living in Furfuri Nagar in Motu Patlu New Episode and there is not a single day in their life where they don’t fall into any trouble. However, the best part is that both successfully men their problems and always win.

More than often, they two fall in troubles because of Motu and his clumsy actions. They have made a lot of friends who help them out in case of trouble, and eventually, there is a happy ending.

These cartoons are really getting a lot of popularity and fame across the world.

Motu Patlu New Episode

Its first episode was aired on October 16, 2012. Ever since these cartoons are being watched in every house. These cartoons are slated to air from Monday to Friday at 6 PM on Nickelodean. It has 4 seasons so far.

Motu Patlu Languages

While starting from its original language Hindi, these cartoons are now available in multiple languages including Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Gujrati, Marathi, and many others.


Comedy, Humor, Action Fiction, Animation, Farce.

With some hilarious dialogues and humorous scenes with powerful animation and skills, these cartoons have now become our all-time favorite ones among the rest.

Films based on Motu Patlu Cartoons

The team behind Motu Patlu cartoons have made some really amazing and full of entertainment films on them as well. Some of these films are,

  • Motu Patlu in Wonderland
  • Motu Patlu in Alien World
  • Deep-Sea Adventure
  • Octopus World
  • KungFu Kings
  • King of Kings

For all those who wanted to watch a comedy or action fiction, Motu Patlu can prove to be your ultimate choice. Bringing some really hilarious and innovative storylines, Motu Patlu comes with exciting new episodes daily.


Motu Patlu has some really funny characters and the tasks that are associated with them are never properly fulfilled.

Motu’s love for samosa, Patlu has a brilliant mind that digs ideas when in trouble, Dr. Jhatka who always does wrong experiments, Ghasitaram always shows off about his talents and experiences, Inspector Chingum whose air fire always go wrong and hit a coconut, John is the don and always found in some mischief, Chaay Wala, Boxer, Mayor, and many other characters.

These characters have together made these cartoons a must-watch of the current era.

Motu Patlu New Episode

From Monday to Friday, Motu Patlu comes up with exciting new episodes for the kids. These new episodes are full of comic scenes and memorable incidents.

Here are some of the new episodes of Motu Patlu,

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