MQM-P objects to census process irregularities.

Karachi: The Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) expressed serious reservations on the ongoing seventh population census on Tuesday, saying that despite raising the matter at the higher level, the correct figures not presented.

A meeting of the MQM-P Rabita Committee, chaired by its Convener Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, criticised the “non-serious attitude” of the government toward the census process.

In the meeting, serious reservations are express about the figures of the census release so far.

The committee expressed concern over the non-serious attitude of the rulers toward the census, the party said.

Despite holding meetings with relevant authorities, including federal ministers, and providing them with evidence of irregularities in the census process, correct statistics not presented, as per its statement.

The meeting took various decisions regarding the future plan of action on the injustice towards the citizens of Sindh, especially Karachi, in the census.

It added that after consultation on the plan of action, people would be informed through the media.

The meeting, attended by senior deputy convenors Syed Mustafa Kamal, Dr. Farooq Sattar, and Nasreen Jalil, as well as deputy convenors Anees Qaimkhani, Abdul Waseem, Kahf Alwari, and others, discussed various organizational matters as well as the current political and economic situation of the country.

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