Mureed Abbas Murder Case

Mureed Abbas Murder Case—Investigations revealed some astonishing facts


Karachi: Geo News officials reported that investigations into the murder case of the Bol news anchorperson Mureed Abbas are under process.

Mureed Abbas was fired by Atif Zaman in his car in the DHA, Karachi on Tuesday, 9th July.

The ongoing investigations revealed some astonishing facts about the murder of Mureed Abbas. It is revealed that his murder was linked with some money laundering and smuggling cases.

SSP Tariq Dharejo has shared some initial and important points which he has discovered during the investigation process. According to these investigations, Atif Zaman who has killed Mureed Abbas has been working in a tyre shop. However, he gave up this business and started involved in smuggling and money laundering cases. There are ample evidence which proves this.

It is further reported that Mureed Abbas was not the only person who has given debt or invested with Atif, there were more than 80 persons who have invested their money in his business.

Mureed Abbas had invested almost Rs 70 million with the accused, Atif.

Moreover, police have filed another case against Atif for possessing an illegal weapon.

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