“My Father stopped talking to me for eight years” Maya Ali revealed in BBC Network


Maya Ali, the leading actress of Pakistan has earned a name for herself after a lot of hard work and difficulties.

Recently, the actress appeared on the BBC Asian Network for the interview. During the interview, she has mentioned all the turmoil and hardships she faced after stepping into the entertainment industry.

The first thing she talked about was that she received a lot of criticism about her acting. She stated that people said that “isko to acting he nahi ati”. Haroon, who conducting her interview, was actually shocked to hear this as she is one of the very fine actresses of the entertainment industry.

However, going on stating this she revealed how things have ultimately changed for her. How she has established herself as a very good actress. She revealed it is the love of the people that have taken her at the current stage of her life.

While explaining the criticism she received on the initial staged, she also revealed has her family was against her decision of stepping into the entertainment industry, particularly her father.

She revealed that her father didn’t talk to her after this decision. “My Father stopped talking to me for eight years” she mentioned to him. He didn’t even respond to her daily greetings. That was quite hurting for her at that time.     

She also explained that perhaps her career could be much better with the support of her father. But alas he is no more with them now.

However, the stunning diva also mentioned that before her father’s death, about six months ago, her father has started behaving quite normal to her. He also wished her daughter to won best actress award for “Man Mayal”.

Later on, Haroon requested her to give a simple message to the parents. Particular to those who often don’t appreciate their children’ decisions.  May was quick to deliver a message in these words, she urges them all “to allow their children to choose whatever career path they want to.”

She also stressed upon the need of strong parents bond with their children. Parents must appreciate their efforts. They must understand the dreams and wishes of their children otherwise it could have been too late to understand.

Here’s her complete interview with the BBC Asian Network,

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