Issued Serious Order Against Shahbaz Sharif

NAB is Active Again, Issued Serious Order Against Shahbaz Sharif


NAB seems busy in Imran Khan’s vision “say, No to Corruption”. Opposition parties are raising their voices on different forums. But Prime Minister Imran Khan is as firm on his decision as he was on the first day. No Deal or Dheel can be seen for any party.

However, one door is still open for anyone who looted the money and took it outside Pakistan in an illegal way. That is, one should return back all the money and confess the crime in front of the public. That’s equal to killing the credibility if some leader accepts that he has been involved in money laundering.

NAB ordered to cease any sale agreement on behalf of the Sharif family. All the assets or properties are doubtful. No money trail has been produced against these properties. Apparently, the income sources are less than actual money.

So, who gave such high amounts to the sharif family? How did they build million dollars properties in Pakistan & abroad? These are the questions, NAB and supreme court of Pakistan are still seeking.

Shahbaz Sharif has 2 houses in Model Town Lahore namely

  1. 87 H
  2. 96 H

These houses are on the name of his wife Nusrat Shahbaz. Similarly, his second wife Tehmona Durrani also owns cottage, villa, and house in Haripur. The famous house of 9 Kanal in Donga Gali is the property of Nusrat Shahbaz. In Defence Lahore Shahbaz Sharif’s wife, Tehmina Durrani has 2 homes. There are 20 vehicles on the name of ex-Chief Minister of Punjab.

But now, no one will be allowed to buy, sell or transfer any property or asset which belongs to Sharif Family until the court gives permission.

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