Nadeem Khan sacked by PCB.

PCB sacks Nadeem Khan, previously Director High Performance, transferring him to the Women’s Wing and reducing his salary by almost half.

High-earning individuals faced the choice of resigning or accepting reduced salaries, and most opted to temporarily save their jobs by agreeing to the pay cuts.

Nadeem’s job was initially saved due to a recommendation from a significant individual in the UK. However, he was later sidelined and transferred to the women’s wing. Unfortunately, he was ultimately removed from the position due to undisclosed issues, with further details expected to be disclosed soon.

Another PCB director is anticipated to depart soon, experiencing a halving of his salary and a reduction in his past authority. There is a possibility that he might be sent home following the conclusion of the New Zealand series.

This is published in logicalbaat, on 04 May, 2023.

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