Narendra Modi’s Victory

Narendra Modi’s Victory—Back luck for Muslims living in India


The victory of Narendra Modi in way of another proved to be the worst nightmare for the Muslims who are living in India. It is no wonder to look Modi as a man who is an extremist. People across the world are fearing for the fate of Muslims under his leadership.

We are already familiar with Modi’s way of treating minorities.

Some referred to him as the killer of Muslims in India.

In some way or another, these elections have raised hope in the heart of Indian minorities but as soon as Modi once again carries the flag of victory it seemed now that all their hopes have gone. They have vanished. The results seemed to be the worst nightmare for Indian Muslims.

Taking examples from history, Narendra Modi has never been kind towards the Muslims and other minority groups. That is the reason that people are calling him the killer of innocent Muslims living in India.

However, there was a handful of people who were actually resisting the statement. They have tweeted about how Hindus, as well as Muslims, celebrated his victory.

Moreover, looking back at the past few months, the policies which were adopted by Narendra Modi didn’t go well. There are still those looming fears of war between India and Pakistan.
However, Pakistan will still try his best to resolve all the issues with dialogues.

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