NASA started Investigation of First Crime Committed in Space


The New York time reported on Sunday, what could be the first crime committed not in this world? Yup, you heard correct it might take place in outer space.

What was that crime actually associated with space? Do you think there is any police or security agencies? Then the next thing, Is there any creature similarly to human beings? So, know these facts in remaining story.

In a brief way, we would like to tell our readers that this crime is associated with a kind of personal information leakage, or identity theft. May be this law has no same status in each country but it is of great importance in the United States.

Anne McClain accepts to have access for the account of her estranged Souse. Sumer Worden made a complaint to Federal Tarde Commission about this matter. However, the astronaut Anne claimed that no information is leaked for the purpose of any kind of loss or negative agenda. The sole purpose was to know whether the financial position of Sumer can be sufficient to pay expenses for Ms. Worden’s son.

The Marriage of Ms McClain and Ms Worden:

In 2014 McClain and Ms Worden married with each other. Although the relation cannot be declared a natural relation but they were happy with each other in start. Ms Worden filed a divorce case in 2018.

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