Nathan Lyon admits “Babar Azam is the number one player in the Pakistan Team.”

Nathan Lyon’s acknowledgment of the imminent challenge posed by Babar Azam in the upcoming Test series against Pakistan reflects the global cricketing community’s recognition of Babar’s exceptional skills. As a seasoned spinner, Lyon comprehends the complexities of facing formidable opponents, with Babar Azam’s prowess against spinners standing out. Lyon’s respect for Babar underscores the latter’s stature as one of the world’s finest batsmen.

Their previous encounters’ statistics highlight Babar’s proficiency, especially as Pakistan’s leading scorer in the 2019-20 Test series. Lyon acknowledges the need for strategic prowess to dismiss such a high-caliber batsman, referring to Babar as the linchpin of the Pakistan squad.

 "Lyon vs Babar - Anticipating a Test cricket showdown."

Lyon’s enthusiasm for the challenge speaks volumes about his passion for Test cricket. As a seasoned campaigner, the prospect of testing his skills against top-quality opposition like Babar Azam energizes Lyon, especially considering the challenging conditions of the Optus Stadium in Perth.

Ultimately, Lyon’s perspective encapsulates the excitement and the formidable task ahead. The upcoming series promises a captivating contest between an accomplished spinner and the caliber of batsman that Babar represents, adding to the anticipation and allure of Test cricket.

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