Pakistani Hero Naeem Rashid

PM Imran Khan announced ‘National Award’ for Pakistani Hero Naeem Rashid


Islamabad: On Sunday, Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced a ‘National Award’ for our Pakistani hero Naeem Rashid who has lost his life in the pursuit of saving the lives of many other Muslim worshippers at the mosque in New Zealand.

Our great PM tweeted in these words, “Pakistan is proud of Mian Naeem Rashid who was martyred trying to tackle the while Supremacist terrorist and his courage will be recognized with a national award.”

He further stated that the families of the victims of the terror attack will be given proper support.

Naeem Rashid is being hailed as the hero who tried his best to overpower the shooter during a mass shooting at Al Noor mosque at Christchurch New Zealand. Rashid Naeem

The shooter has live-streamed the whole incident in which Naeem was clearly seen fighting with the gunman although he didn’t have any weapon for his protection. Unfortunately, our super hero dies at the hospital as he was having severe injuries during his fight with the shooter.

According to the Foreign Office report, there were nine Pakistani nationals who were killed in that attack on Friday.

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