National Parks in Nigeria

Nigeria Get Attraction of Tourists Through National Parks


Nigeria is a West African country whose attractions include national parks in Nigeria with an intact flora and fauna and numerous buildings in major cities.

100+ Unique Languages:

The official language is English, in which visitors can communicate in all touristically relevant areas in Nigeria, in addition, the population of the country speaks more than one hundred other languages.

National Parks in Nigeria

National parks serve to protect Nigeria’s fauna and flora as well as the rest of the people visiting it. The Yankari National Park unites the landscape form of the savannah with deer of the bushland.

The park is home to larger populations of fifty mammals and more than three hundred species of birds. Comparable biodiversity can be found in all national parks of the country.

Abuja – the artificially created capital of Nigeria

Abuja is only since 1991 capital of the state of Nigeria and replaced Lagos. Abuja is a completely planned city, which has well-tended parks as well as several amusement parks.

The sights of Abuja include the National Mosque and the National Church. Non-Muslims are not allowed to enter the National Mosque of Nigeria, but with its golden dome and four minarets, it is an interesting sight, even when viewed from outside.

The National Church was built in the Gothic Revival style and as an ecumenical Christian church. Particularly impressive is the color scheme of the windows of the Nigerian National Church. The building can be visited outside of worship times,

Gulf of the Atlantic Ocean

The former Nigerian capital Lagos is located on the Gulf of Guinea, this is a Gulf of the Atlantic Ocean. The National Museum of Nigeria in Lagos displays a large collection of traditional Nigerian art alongside archeological and ethnographic exhibits.

National Theater In Nigeria

Another interesting building is the National Theater, in whose rooms also a large sculpture exhibition can be seen. Beaches near the city of Lagos offer tourists the opportunity to swim in the Atlantic Ocean during a holiday in Nigeria.

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