Nawaz asked to submit fresh medical reports


According to the sources, the Punjab home department has demanded a fresh medical report from the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday. The reports which have been submitted earlier do not mention any advanced treatment given to him.

Nawaz asked to submit fresh medical reports

It is worth noticing that the former premier’s personal physician had submitted a report to authorities in Pakistan seeking extension in his bail on December 25.

Earlier, Punjab Health Minister Yasmin Rashid had also demanded the fresh medical reports of the former PM. She further cleared that the bail given to the former PM has crossed its last date and hence cancelled his abroad bail.

While talking to the reporters, she said, “The report does not mention anything new related to the treatment being accorded to Nawaz Sharif. We have written to the home department that we cannot give any opinion on the report.”

For now, the former PM is advised to submit his fresh medical reports within three days to the provincial authorities in Pakistan.

Medical reports should be submitted

On Tuesday, a letter has been issued in which the former PM is advised to submit his fresh medical reports as soon as possible. In the letter, it was written that “Medical reports should be submitted so the concerned officials can check and verify them.”

Moreover, “The reports submitted by the former premier earlier have been scrutinized already. A final decision regarding them is yet to be made because the documentation attached to the reports is incomplete.”

“We request that the former premier submit the reports again with complete documentation. The personal physician of Sharif has also been notified about the matter via email.”

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