Imran Khan face downfall Nawaz Sharif

Nawaz Sharif claimed that Imran Khan will soon face downfall


Lahore: On Thursday, PML-N supporters and few party leaders paid a visit at Kot Lakhpat jail to meet their leader Nawaz Sharif.

He asked them “I am no saint or a fortune teller, but Imran Khan will soon see his downfall.”

Geo News officials also revealed that Nawaz Sharif mentioned during his speech to the visitors that there is ample evidence which will not spare Imran Khan and his sister Aleema Khan. They are on their way to face accountability very soon.

He further stated that he has gained public love and his leadership was all based on this. However, Imran Khan has used foul means to win favors. He doesn’t possess such public support which is possessed by me (Nawaz Sharif).

Imran Khan only wants to hide his mis-leadership and for this reason, he is pitting allegations on the opposition leaders. He doesn’t know how to run a country that’s why today we are facing a lot of problems.

He mentioned that “When someone is about to be jailed, they start sending others to jails.”
Selecting Imran Khan as the Prime Minister of Pakistan was not a right decision by the public. The country was running far better in his regime than in Imran Khan’s.
“Imran Khan has disappointed the nation in 10 months,” he further added.

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