Nawaz Sharif’s foreign treatment plan: the Interior ministry seeks details


Lahore: Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s foreign treatment discussion is still under the headlines. Meanwhile, the ministry of interior has sought details regarding the former PM’s health.

While talking to the media persons, Punjab’s Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid has stated that the interior ministry has sought details from the medical board. She mentioned that a 10-member medical board has carefully examined the former prime Minister.

Abroad for better treatment

The medical board has recommended that Nawaz Sharif should be sent abroad for better treatment. The tests which they have prescribed are not available in Pakistan, hence Nawaz Sharif should have to be shifted abroad on medical grounds.

Talking to reporters, Rashid explained that the 10-member medical board that was examining Sharif during his stay at Services Hospital, met last night and recommended that the former prime minister be allowed to travel to a foreign country for tests which were not available in Pakistan.

She further declared that “We then wrote back to the doctors asking them to elaborate what those tests are that are not available at public hospitals in the country and to explain why Nawaz Sharif was a high-risk patient?”

She further said that the reply of the board will be delivered to the interior ministry and they would hold another meeting to discuss the complexities of the matter.

“It is our right to seek details from the board that will help the interior ministry understand the matter,” she said.

Nawaz Sharif’s illness

She went on saying that “I have never doubted Nawaz Sharif’s illness. He has always been treated as a high-profile patient.”

She told reporters that Nawaz Sharif has been provided with the best of the medical facilities at the Services Hospital. While discharging from the hospital, his platelet count was 28,000.

Moreover, she asserted that the decision of the interior ministry regarding the former Prime Minister’s abroad treatment would be revealed soon.

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