launching Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

PM Imran Khan launches ‘Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme’


Pakistan Premier Imran Khan has launched the ‘Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme’ on Wednesday in Islamabad. This new scheme project will be helpful in providing job opportunities. Economic activities will flourish under the project.

Housing and Works Minister Tariq Bashir Cheema, the Ex-Finance Minister Asad Umar and various other government officials were also presented at the launching ceremony of the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

During the initial phase of the scheme, 110,000 housing units will be constructed in Baluchistan which will serve the fishermen of Gwadar, while 25,000 units will be built in Islamabad which will serve the government employees.

The premier stated that he has sought inspiration from the new construction mechanism which is invented by the Chinese which will turn the country’s slum into towering high-rises.He said, “40 percent of Karachi’s populace dwells in Katchi abadis.”

He further added that “A Chinese Company has told me they can make prefabricated homes and build one floor in just one week, so just imagine what they can do for us. We will give them land, they will swiftly construct flats, and all slums will get converted.”
The Prime Minister has admitted the fact that his first priority was health, education, and employment.

“But then I found out about a soon-to-be retiring government employee who was told that the only two ways his family could retain their government residence were if his son got inducted in the same department if he died while still a government employee.” The premiere narrated.

“That man jumped off a building the next day,” the prime minister said, adding that “it was then that I realized how difficult it is for the salaried class to gather funds needed for building houses”.

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