Neelum Munir and Ahsan Khan all set for Yasir Nawaz’s upcoming film ‘Chakar’


According to the recent reports, the gorgeous and forever beautiful Neelum Munir will be appearing opposite Ahsan Khan in an upcoming project. The upcoming film is Yasir Nawaz’s directorial titled ‘Chakar’.

Earlier, the film has a lot of confusion when it comes to the male lead of the film. A few months back, Feroze Khan was reported to be joining the team. However, after few days, the team announced that Imran Abbas will be the male lead of the film.

During an unexpected turn of the events, Ahsan Khan has replaced both Imran Abbas and Feroze Khan in the film and is signed to act opposite Neelum Munir.

It is pertinent to note that Neelum and Ahsan are not starring together for the first time. They have been cast together in the film “Chupan Chupai” that released back in 2017.

Yasir Nawaz has not only shown his directorial skills in the film but also acting in the film being the third male lead of the film.


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