Neelum Munir prays for the innocent lives suffering in the Indian Occupied Kashmir


A lot of celebrities in Pakistan were raising their voice against the Indian atrocities in the occupied region. Neelum Munir has recently criticized the Modi oriented government for spreading horror in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

She has been vocal about the Indian atrocities in the region ever since the Modi government has imposed curfew at the valley. She took to her Instagram handle and prayed for the innocent lives which are suffering in the Indian held Kashmir.

She wrote, “It saddens me to see that Modi’s Hindutva mind is set to openly promoting anti-Muslim hysteria all over India. The atrocities being committed by India in Kashmir are horrific.”

She concluded her post praying for the Kashmiri people and for their freedom. She went on saying that,

“Now is the time that Kashmiris should fight for their independence. May Allah protect Muslims all over the world.”

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