Netflix Offering Very Cheap Subscriptions with Standard Features


Online streaming services are one of the most increasing trends in the history of the internet and Netflix is a giant as well as a pioneer in this market. Many tech giants came forward to gain from this increasing trend and flourished massively. These streaming services are a blessing when you don’t need to buy movies and series from the video shops independently and mostly these are available online as per our convenience but on the other hand, we have to pay hefty amounts to avail these services. Some of us could afford it but for some, it’s difficult to buy due to low income.

Keeping in view the affordability of many among us, Netflix is now offering a dirt-cheap subscription as low as 3$ per month which is very cheap as compared to the regular package. Only standard features are available in the offer which is more suitable for the mobile-only. Subscribers will have the facility for single user login only and standard video quality streaming will be available. But this offer is accessible to the user of India only and it is expected that soon other countries will be able to avail this offer.

India is a huge market with a population of more than a billion and is the largest user base globally to stream Netflix services via mobile. By this specific offer, Netflix is getting edge of the mobile users throughout the country.

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