New Restaurants in Lahore

New Restaurants in Lahore

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Lahore has always been known for its foodies and there is no wonder why many and many new restaurants are opening up in the territory. There are ample of new restaurants in Lahore that are serving their best of the cuisines and experiences to their customers.

New Restaurants in Lahore

Here we will take you into the world of these New Restaurants in Lahore. So, buckle up yourself to venture into a yummilicious world of newly begin restaurants.

Sumo Restaurant in Lahore

Sumo Restaurant returned with a major revamped, offering an exquisite Japanese experience to its customers. Not just bragging about, Sumo has actually proved that it’s worth your money and time.

Anybody who is desperately in love with the seafood items could find this restaurant and eternal bliss for having some of the amazing Japanese and seafood items. It is hailed all over the country for its exciting and original Japanese flavors.

Sumo Restaurant Menu

Miso Salmon and Red Snapper are their signature dishes that must be tried at least once. Give your cravings an ultimate destination at Sumo.

G.Y.M—Grab Your Meal in Lahore

G.Y.M—Grab Your Meal

G.Y.M is another new eatery located at the Y Block of the DHA Phase III, Lahore. Ever heard about a calorie-controlled eatery? Well, I haven’t. G.Y.M offers a lush dining experience where many of you won’t need to stress out for gaining calories.

It offers a simple yet unique and worth sharing experience to its visitors. People across the country visit this place to actually enjoy a perfect blend of food items.

GYM Restaurant Menu in Lahore

It is hailed all over the country for its Mediterranean cuisine being served in a fast-food style.

Gai’a—The Japanese Fusion in Lahore

Gai’a Restaurant in Lahore is another successful new eatery popular for its Japanese taste and originality.

Gai’a—The Japanese Fusion offers a vibrant and soothing ambiance to its customers. Providing a relaxing aesthetic sense and flavorful food, Gai’a Restaurant has made a big mark in Lahore’s famous eateries.

Gai’a Menu

Gai’a restaurant offers modern Japanese taste and a sophisticated environment to breathe in.

Gai’a—The Japanese Fusion

Aqua Bistro in Lahore

Aqua Bistro

Aqua Bistro is another exciting and perfect dining spot at the very heart of MM Alam Road, Lahore. It is famous all over the city for its delectable food.

Aqua Bistro Menu

Aqua Bistro deals with all kinds of Asian food items, including tastes and Korean, Japanese, and traditional flavors. So, if you are craving to try some Pan Asian cuisines, then Aqua Bistro is the best choice.

The food that is offered in this restaurant is not only appealing but delicious as well. They claim to use authentic flavors and spices that came straight from the above-mentioned countries.

Veera5 Restaurant in Lahore

Veera5 Restaurant

Did you ever happen to a restaurant that can offer Thai, Chinese, and Seafood under one roof? It’s right here, we are talking about Veera5 Restaurant located in DHA, Lahore.

From its warm and relaxing ambiance to its yumilicious food, Veera5 is leaving a strong mark in the Lahore’s food market.

Veera5 Restaurant Menu

If you ever visit this restaurant, then don’t forget to try their signature dishes that include,

  • Bangkok Style Black pepper Chicken
  • Thai Lime Fish
  • Sesame Orange Beef

Veera5 Restaurant has always been at the top list of the foodies for offering three completely different cuisines under one roof.

The Burning Giraffe in Lahore

Burning Giraffe is a new addition in Lahore’s famous eateries. It has a very unique interior structure. What makes it different from the rest of the restaurants in Lahore is its calorie-controlled food and rusty interior.

Located at Gulberg, the Burning Giraffe has an appealing aesthetic sense that cannot stop its devotees to step in and enjoy a lush dining experience.

Burning Giraffe Menu

It has quite a huge menu and a very special kind of dessert variety. Their signature dishes include Grilled Chicken with fresh veggies and Stuffed Chicken offered with your desired sauce.

Nisa Sultan in Lahore

Nisa Sultan

Located at the MM Alam Road, Lahore, Nisa Sultan is exactly what you should not miss a chance to visit. It deals with all kinds of Turkish cuisines in Pakistan.

Nisa Sultan has a very perfect interior with a relaxing environment. This place is surely worth visiting at least for the sake of the Turkish cuisines.

Nisa Sultan Menu

Anybody who is in love with the Turkish food items cannot stop himself from stepping into this restaurant. Moreover, it also offers exciting Pakistani and desi food items on its table.

Cafe Beirut in Lahore

Cafe Beirut

Cafe Beirut is a well-known name among many of the foodies living in Lahore. This is primarily hailed for its Lebanese taste. The flavors are originally pure and authentic giving a strong Lebanese touch to its food items.

The cafe is running under the Lebanese Entrepreneurs that are very keen to make this restaurant as Lahore’s best Lebanese cuisine offering restaurant. They are quite successful in doing so. Whenever we heard about Lebanese taste, it’s only Cafe Beirut that comes in our minds.

Cafe Beirut Menu

Having a great experience in the Lebanese cuisines, Cafe Beirut offers food that is prepared using fresh and authentic ingredients brought straight from Lebanon.

Each time, you will visit this restaurant, it will give you a mouth-watering experience for your next meeting with the restaurant again.

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