Azaan on Friday in New Zealand

New Zealand echoed with Azaan on Friday


Christchurch: After a week of the mass massacre at two of the mosques in Christchurch that resulted in the death of almost 50 Muslim worshipers, the whole New Zealand echoed with Azaan once again, as the Muslims gathered to perform Jummah Namaz at Hagley Park opposite the Al Noor mosque.

Among thousands of mourners, the New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern was also there sharing the grief. Two minutes of silence was observed for the martyrs. Azaan was nationally broadcast across all free-to-air TV and radio stations.

PM Jacinda Ardern attended Friday Prayer just like the rest. She was spotted wearing the same black scarf that she wore on her first visit to Christchurch in the wake of the attack. Other New Zealanders also wore a scarf to give support and respect to Islam and Muslim women.
New Zealand Prime Minister
Imam masjid stated, “We are broken-hearted but we are not broken. This terrorist sought to tear our nation apart with an evil ideology… but instead, we have shown that New Zealand is unbreakable and that the world can see in us as an example of love and unity.”

The Muslim leader thanked PM Jacinda Ardern for ‘honouring us with a simple scarf’.
He said, “Thank you for your leadership, it has been a lesson for the world’s leaders, thank you for holding our families close and honouring us with a simple scarf. Thank you for your words and tears of compassion. Thank you for being one with us.”

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