National Scarf Day

New Zealand to observe ‘National Scarf Day’ on Friday


Christchurch: ‘National Scarf Day’ will be observed in New Zealand on Friday to show solidarity with the victims of the Christchurch mosque massacre.

Anna Thomas, a nationwide even organizer, have arranged the even on Friday. The concept of ‘Scarves in Solidarity’ on Friday, was brought by her to show respect and support to Islam and Muslim Women. It is nationally announced that all the women will observe Scarf on Friday in solidarity with the Christchurch Muslim victims.

All the new Zealanders especially women are encouraged to wear headscarves to make a simple gesture of support for the Muslim Community who has lost 50 lives last Friday.
The movement has a proper support from the Islamic Women’s Council and the New Zealand Muslim Association, she says.

“They’re so appreciative of the gesture, the recognition and the support,” Ashman adds.
On social media, this idea is getting a very positive response. Thomas says that this act of solidarity will show that women of all religions and races across the world are together against this excruciating act of mass murdering.

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