Nigar Johar Khan being appreciated

Nigar Johar Khan being appreciated on becoming third woman Major General in Pakistan Army


Women empowerment is rapidly progressing in Pakistan.

On Wednesday, the promotion of 40 brigadiers was announced by the Pak Army. Army Chief General Major Qamar Javed Bajwa has attended the meeting.

Nigar Khan was one of them. She has been performing her services in Pak Army as a 2-star general. She is being bestowed with the rank of Major General. It is for the third time in history that a woman has been appreciated to become Major General.

She is for sure, the ultimate source of inspiration for the rest of the women. Through her hard work and passion. She has proved that women can stand with men no matter what the field is.

Ever since she has been appointed as the Major General of the Pak Army, she started receiving appreciation and praises from all over the country.

Shireen Mizari encouraged her strength and determination in a tweet stating that “Major General Nigar Johar Khan – 3rd Woman to get rank of Major General in Pak Army – Respect #womenempowerment”

Hamza Ali Abbasi also encouraged and appreciated after feeling proud of his country. He mentioned that “yet another proud moment for my beloved PAKISTAN…say hello to the third woman to reach the rank of Major general in Pakistan Army…Maj. General Nigar Johar Khan! May Allah bless you.”

Pakistanis are happy to see this women encouragement at government and private sectors. Undoubtedly, Nigar Johar has set an example for the rest of the ladies. Women like her build the future of the nation. Good wishes for her from LogicalBaat team.

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