Nimrita Kumari Case: Murder or Suicide?


Sukkur: Nimrita Kumari was studying in Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical University’s Bibi Aseefa Dental College. The girl was found dead in her room yesterday.

After the post mortem reports, it was revealed that she died out of suffocation. According to the police surgeon, Dr. Shamsuddin Khoso, the marks around her neck suggests that she committed suicide.

Her death creates a social outraged. People are demanding justice for her and asking for proper investigations on the portal of Twitter.

However, the family of the deceased has refused to believe the auto spy report which is suggesting it to be the suicide. Her brother, Dr. Vishal, currently working as a medical consultant in Dow Medical College, Karachi, has rejected the reports saying that the marks around the neck of her sister suggest that she was murdered.

Moreover, the draws the attention of the doctors towards the marks on her arms. These marks showed that she was dragged or being hold tightly.

He claimed that he wants justice for his sister. Hence, demanding a fair post mortem report.

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