Nimrita Kumari was subjected to rape before murder: Autopsy report cleared


Sukkur: Nimrita Kumari Chandani was a final year medical student at Bibi Aseefa Dental College (BADC). The girl was found dead in her hostel room under mysterious circumstances on September 16, 2019.

Dr. Vishal has claimed

The college authorities have declared it a suicide. However, the deceased brother, Dr. Vishal has claimed that his sister was murdered. He wants proper investigations in her case as he confirmed that his sister wasn’t depressed to end her life.

According to the recent autopsy report, it has been confirmed that Nimrita was subjected to rape before her murder. The postmortem report further revealed that she was forced to act.

Chandka Medical College Hospital

The autopsy report was issued by Chandka Medical College Hospital here on Wednesday. The DNA test has confirmed the presence of male DNA on the deceased’s clothes and body.

Dr. Vishal further clarified that the marks on Nimrita’s neck were not of hanging but of a cable wire which has been forcefully placed at her neck.

According to the autopsy report, “The ligature marks also tally with the information. Such signs are produced either in strangulation or hanging and are to be ascertained through circumstantial evidence as corroborative at the crime scene by state investigation authorities.”

The social media sites are filled up with people demanding justice for the young doctor.

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