Nine of a family murdered in Multan

Nine of a family murdered in Multan under the banner of ‘honor’


Multan: ‘Honor Killing’ is not acceptable in our society. However, people have been killing their loved ones under the name of honor. A similar case has been registered in Multan’s Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) where a man has killed his wife and his in-laws.

Total nine members of the family were being killed including the wife of the accused. On Sunday night, a man who was suspicious of his wife’s character has entered the house of his wife at Hassanabad area of Multan.

According to the initial reports, the accused is identified at Ajmal. He has first killed his wife and then his in-laws under the banner of honor. Six of the family members died on the spot. While two others were set on fire after being locked into the room. However, only one person was left injured. He was found in quite a critical condition and is being shifted to the hospital.

Ajmal accomplished the task with the help of his brother and father after returning from Saudi Arabia.

The police officials have arrested Ajmal and his father while his brother is still at large.

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