No More Talk with India: PM Imran Khan


Prime Minister Imran Khan is not in favor of furthermore talk with India. Dialogue is a good process if you talk about peace initiative. But invitation for dialogue should not be considered as our weakness. We always preferred to resolve the issues with debates and table talks. But India always tried to run away from constructive solutions.

The reason is India knows very well, about the blood game in Kashmir region.

  • How many people are killed every day in the occupied Kashmir?
  • How many women are raped each day in Kashmir each day?
  • How many kids are picked up from homes every day?
  • How many sisters lose their brothers each day?
  • How many houses are burnt Each day?

These are the question which still looking the solutions? These are the dilemma which are screaming about the answers. World’s top leaders record long hours’ speeches each day but they have no courage to speak on it. Is it the humanity?

Imran Khan cleared in his interview with the New York Times, that India is destroying the agreements and cease fire contracts on the line of control. So, how can we still insist India to come and discuss the matters? We are not bound; we are atomic power. We know fight or war is not the solution and who will survive? Don’t know but yes, if we get then solution now then it would be in favor of other countries as well. Otherwise, other countries must also get ready to  face the consequences.

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