No oil and gas reserves discovered

No oil and gas reserves are discovered at Kekra-1


It is being notified by the special assistant to PM on Petroleum Nadeem Babar, that the drilling process has been stopped at Kekra-1 after having found no traces of oil or gas reserves.

On Saturday, he informed Pm that there are no oil and gas reserves in offshore drilling Karachi coast.

Earlier, the government was quite hopeful about finding oil and gas reserves in the Arabian Sea. Pm Imran Khan has informed Pakistanis that we don’t need to import oil or gas as there are massive oil and gas reserves to be found near Karachi coast. However, now, it seems there are no oil or gas reserves.

During a media conference, PM stated, “we are hopeful of finding large reserves of gas and oil in the sea near Karachi. The nation should pray for this and I will soon share good news regarding this. The reserves will be so large that we will not need to import any oil.”

Nadeem Babar informed us on Saturday that the Kekra-1 site has been drilled up to 5,560 meters. The whole drilling process costs 14 billion. Half of the said amount has been paid by the government of Pakistan.

The drilling of 5560 meters is completed now and the office of DG Petroleum Concessions has been informed about the results.

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