people matter in democracy Bilawal

‘Not third umpire but people matter in democracy’ Bilawal remarked


Islamabad: PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari stated on Friday that only the people of Pakistan are the umpire and their will matters are not at the mercy of the third umpire as it is a democratic state where people matter the most.

While talking to the reporters, he said, “The undemocratic forces or non-state actors would wish a thousand times to bring a system of their choice, but all conspiracies against democracy would be foiled.”

“The people of Pakistan are satisfied with the Islamic democratic parliamentary system,” he stated.

He said the PPP and all democratic forces will resist moves to bring the presidential system in the country. “Presidential system is only in the United States while it failed everywhere. Wherever it was imposed, it resulted in dictatorships or authoritarianism,” he added.

While replying to a question about the possibility of bringing a system for accountability, Bilawal said, “The PPP believes there should be across-the-board accountability and anyone who draws a salary from the national exchequer should be accountable to be a general or a judge. The PPP government has only taken U-turns so far and did no legislation in parliament. It seems the ruling party has no interest in running parliament.”

He, however, said right now it would be impossible to bring an entirely new system in the country. “We will try to bring the NAB under the rule of law as much as we can. If the government is ready for this, then we are ready to talk to them,” he added.

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