“Now is not the time for politics,” Shehbaz Sharif


The PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif on his return from London stated that Pakistan is going through tough times. Being the opposition leader, he claimed on Tuesday that we must all unite to tackle this problems setting aside our agendas.

He stated that “Now is not the time for politics”. It is very necessary for all of us to come in supporting each other in order to fight against coronavirus.

“We need to come together at this time and play our part in combating the virus. The political leadership had called for a lockdown but it did not happen.”

He was addressing his party members through a video link. During his address, he condoles with the bereaved families of those who have died in their fight against coronavirus.

He cleared that total number of confirmed coronavirus cases have surged to 990 across the country. He also informed his workers that Lahore prison has also witnessed one positive case of COVID 19.

“Today the number of cases in the country stands at 892 and a positive case of the virus was also reported in a Lahore prison,” he said.

“I was in London with my brother. Nawaz sent me to Pakistan when the epidemic broke here,” he added.

He also encouraged the Punjab government for its decision of imposing lockdown in Punjab amid coronavirus outbreak.

He claimed, “It is good to see the provinces taking action and enforcing the lockdown. Punjab government did the right thing,” he noted.

He asserted that we must take this challenge as an opportunity. He said,

“Time demands that we turn this challenge into an opportunity and face this crisis jointly. I believe we will come out of this challenge.”

He urged the nation to take as much precautionary measures as possible. There is no vaccine for this we can only save ourselves after following precautionary measures. He also asked the mases to cooperate with their government in fighting against coronavirus. Without public support, government won’t be able to fight.

“We need to move forward and solve this issue. There is no cure for this disease yet, which is why we should take precautions and be responsible. I urge the citizens to cooperate with the government,” he added.

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