Now You Can Exchange Old Mobile with New One Through Daraz Trade Up Feature


Daraz is going to help Pakistani users in a better and enhanced way. Now the public can exchange their old mobile phones without going into the market. No need to sell somebody from the market at very low value. You can get a new phone in exchange of your mobile phones. This is made possible with advanced feature of Daraz Trade up. At this moment Daraz is offering almost 64 different types of cell phones on its official website.

The process to use Daraz Tarde Up Feature:

The process is very simple to exchange old mobile phones with new ones.

  1. First you need to log in to the installed app of Daraz.
  2. Then Go to Trade Up feature page and look for the details of the cell phone which you want to exchange.
  3. Each consumer knows very well about the condition of their mobile phones so, Daraz has plaved 4 categories which define the condition of mobile sets. Choose any one of the four given options
  4. The next step is write down your phone model number and brand.

How Does Daraz Tarde Up Redeem Feature work?

Another cool feature to estimate the value of mobile phone is introduced at Daraz app. How does it work exactly if you want to sell old phone with new one?

  1. First of all, you will enter the mobile model and name of brand in the app
  2. The condition of your cell phone is also mentioned in the 1 category out of 4
  3. The system will give an estimated value of your mobile phone, if you agree on it then you will proceed further
  4. If you agree on the estimated value from Daraz App then you will visit the hub office of Daraz
  5. The quality check officer will analyze the quality and condition of cell phone an d give you final price. If you will be happy on it then they will issue a redeem voucher that can be used to buy a new phone from Daraz store

This facility is initially launched in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore. Other cities will be added in later stage. This information article is brought after the news first published on and

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