New Zealand PM

NZ PM stated that Azaan should be broadcast nationally


In solidarity with the Muslim community in New Zealand, the PM Jacinda Ardern has declared that the nation will observe two minutes of silence on Friday, in order to mark a week since the excruciating act of mass massacre.

She further added that a proper memorial service would be held in Christchurch. She asked the rest of the people in New Zealand to take part in this sacred institution.

While paying a second visit to the Christchurch, she announced that “There is a desire to show support to the Muslim community as they return to Mosques, particularly on Friday, adding: “To acknowledge this there will be a two minutes’ silence on the same day. We will also broadcast nationally, via TVNZ and RNZ, Azaan (the call to prayer).”

The mass massacre on Friday resulted in the death of 50 Muslim worshipers and several got injuries.

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