Occupied Kashmir: UNSC Consultations Welcomed by Turkey


On Saturday, 17 August the UNSC’s (United Nations Security Council) declaration to handle the serious issue of India’s occupancy of Kashmir within its session, was welcomed by Turkey.

On Friday, 16 August, the UNSC, met after a period of more than 50 years, to engage in discussions about the crucial situation within the Indian occupied Kashmir.

The parties involved in the dispute were urged to abstain from taking unilateral action.

The foreign office of Turkey issued a statement stating the consultations which took place on 16 August at the United Nations Security Council, regarding Jammu and Kashmir, titled ‘India-Pakistan’, with the aim of reducing tension in the region whilst diplomacy was retained, was welcomed.

The statement added Turkey’s belief in wanting the United Nations to become more actively involved to resolve this issue within the context of the resolutions which were taken by the UN earlier.

Furthermore, Turkey confirmed its hope in the resolution of this issue via international law as well as via dialogue which should take place between the applicable parties.

In the statement Turkey appealed to the parties to exercise self-control and abstain from taking unilateral actions, which may result in increased tension.

The meeting of the UNSC took place behind closed doors as requested by Pakistan and China, where the Indian government’s latest decision of revoking Occupied Kashmir’s status, was discussed.

The security council debated the crucial issue inside Indian Occupied Kashmir, after 5 decades since its last discussion on this platform.

The UNSC effectively rejected the Indian perspective that occupied Kashmir in fact was a national issue and not a dispute which is recognised on an international basis!

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