Oil Tanker bursts in Karachi

Oil Tanker bursts into flames in Karachi


Karachi: An oil tanker which was caring thousands of liter of fuel was burst into flames after it turned the turtle near Gulbai Flyover in the Port city of Karachi on Wednesday morning.

Local media reported that the tanker was on its way to Tower from Shersha when it turned the turtle near Gulbai Flyover and burst into flames. It broke into two pieces owing to the intensity of the fire.

Firefighters were called out. They were desperately trying to extinguish the flames as a huge fire was reported to rip through the surrounding vehicles, godown, while sirens and smoke filled the air this morning.

However, there were no casualties reported in the firestorm. The driver of the tanker was able to get off the tanker before the fire roared out of control.

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