essay on fighting cancer

One of the top Pakistani chefs, Fatima Ali’s essay on fighting cancer came on the surface


Washington news: Pakistani chef Fatima Ali has written a motivational essay a few months ago and lost her battle with cancer on Friday. She has suffered from bone cancer that she could not survive and died. She lived 29 years of life. The death of the reality shows’ star spread like wild fire on the social media and everybody was in the state of trauma. Most of the news carry her experiences and her love for food. She has explained in details her experiences about cancer.
She said, “I’m using cancer as the excuse I needed to actually go and get things done, and the more people I share those thoughts with, the more I hold myself to them.” Moreover, she spoke, “If I write this intention down, if I have it printed somewhere like I do here, I have to hold myself responsible, because I have people counting on me.” Adding, “What’s my intention? To live my life. To fulfill all those genuine dreams I have. It’s easy to spend weeks in my pajamas, curled up in my bed, watching Gossip Girl on Netflix. I could totally do that. And don’t get me wrong, I still watch Gossip Girl. But now I’m doing things. I’m going to eat. I’m making plans for vacations. I’m finding my experimental treatments. I’m cooking. I’m writing.”
Furthermore, in her essay, she has also shared with us the emotive and psychic effects of the cancer, explaining that, “Honestly, until your first chemo cycle, I don’t think it really hits you.” She goes on, “Then your hair starts falling out, and finally you’re like, this is actually happening. This is the rest of my life. I did eight rounds of chemo. It was horrible, but at the end, my scans were all clear. I thought I’d beaten it. Then it came back. Worse than before. It was metastatic. It had spread to my lungs. The doctor told me I had one year to live.”
We really feel sorry for the legendary Fatima Ali. May her soul rest in peace.

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