OneLoad is a free of cost balance sharing service that lets the customers to top up the easy loads, pay utility bills and also they     can pay international vouchers. It has become need of time to pay the dues instantly and without facing the trouble of traveling. We have smart phones we need solutions of our problems. We don’t want to go in bank and wait in lines for our turn. The time is running fast and through oneload we can make payments without paying high fee.

OneLoad Signup:

OneLoad signup is really easy. No technical information you are required to put at the time of registration. You will get SMS on your mobile then you can verify and activate it.

Transfer The Money Through Oneload:

Through this portal now, you can transfer the money to your family members and the friends who need fast cash in their valets.

OneLoad Retailer Network:

You can visit any nearest UBL Omini Dukaan and there you will need two things

  1. CNIC
  2. Mobile Phone Number
  3. Required amount to be

OneLoad App on Google Play:

Oneload app is also available on Google Play store. Because the desktop version is not user friendly sometimes. And we often try to avoid it because we don’t want to keep our laptops open all the time. But we have smartphones in our hands so easily anytime we can check and use the function of the app.

OneLoad for android:

Some sites are offeing OneLoad apk downloads but you can go for it at your own risk. Because it involved prepaid vouchers for mobile phone and you make fast payment even for international merchants, so we recommend to download onelaod app from official resource only.

What is OneLoad?

OneLoad ìs considered as the fast universal telecom balance system that allows the customers to purchase a number of prepaid vouchers as well as mobile loads. Any mobile operator in Pakistan will be entertained through this Information Technology service. The balance sharing facility would also cost you nothing. You can ask your friends or relative to share balance anytime if you need it. If you are using jazz number or Telenor it will have no issue. You can get the balance load option.

How do I Buy OneLoad?

To buy oneload online you need to follow the following steps carefully:

  • Open the Bank Alfalah login window
  • You will see OneLoader Option under other payments tab
  • Write down all the details in cash in or recharge oneload account
  • You will also be asked to mention the bank account
  • OneLoad Account ID will be mobile number, you will mention it
  • Finally, you will have option to enter the required amount
  • For future reference, you can write some additional comments

How do I Return the OneLoad Online?

In some scenarios, we need to return the amount which we take from OneLoad, as you know the credit card option is used to load the balance. Similarly, if you demand refund of the purchased amount then within 24 hours you need to send them email at You also need to see the cancellation policy first. For example, they will ask, oneload account number along with transaction id would be required. It is understood at the time of account opening your first and last name would match with your national Identity card.

How do I open a OneLoad retailer account fast?

First of all, you will need to find the bill payment section in the drop down menu. After finding it you will select the profile and that should be there with a name of corporate payment and it will be under the bill type section. Then it will ask you about the billing company. In that time, you will select the OneLoad and after selecting it you will write the phone number. You will find the tab very clearly with a name that is ’Oneload mobile number’”.

Earn Money with OneLoad:

The good thing about Digital apps is, they provide the opportunity to earn money from affiliate offers or promotional ways. It is completely optional thing so the individuals who have some information about the use of social media or they have links then they can easy start earning money at home with the help of this viral app in 2019 and even in 2020 it will be launching new extra features.

For example, if you become the OneLoad Retailer and sell digital products then you can earn commission up to reasonable amount.

Where to Get OneLoad?

Getting Oneload is very easy. Because almost everyone has debit or credit card and almost in each city you will see many ATMs machine from where you can upload the funds directly in your account. In free time you can visit the nearby ATM machine and fulfil your need. For example, if you see the bank is off or there is a local or public holiday and the banking hours are closed then no need to bother a lot, you have option to go ATM machine and use your credit/ debit card. Jazz cash, easy paisa, SIMSIM ebanking, UBL Omini these systems changed the lives and put deep impacts on conventional banking.

What are E-load platforms?

The following e-load platforms you can use with the help of this app.

  1. Ufone
  2. Telenor
  3. Jazz
  4. Warid
  5. Zong 4G

Head Office of OneLoad:

The main office E-Processing Systems (Pvt) Limited Systems Campus E-1, Sehjpal Near DHA – Phase-VIII (Ex-Air Avenue), and it is in Lahore Cantt, Pakistan. You can get the oneload pricing information by reaching them.

Similarly, if you are looking for one load details then the support is very fast just call them or contact on the given email. Because some of the persons may wish to have complete details on oneland commission details.

Many apps come into market but they do not get the popularity and especially when it is connected with financial matters. So, we have given one load retailer helpline so that you can easy get access.

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