OnePlus 7 Launched On May 14

OnePlus 7 to Be Launched On May 14


While purchasing a smartphone it is our utmost priority to buy the best phone as well as in less price. With an increase in technical features in smartphones, the prices are also getting higher. A reasonable flagship smartphone costs around $800 in the international market and most consumers had to sacrifice the money for a proper upgrade according to the current trends.

OnePlus is a popular Chinese smartphone producer, who is breaking all the barriers for consumers. OnePlus is also known as the flagship killer, the reason is that they offer the best features like all other flagship phones of competitor brands but at a reasonable price. Their motto is “Never Settle” and they always delivered as promised.

OnePlus came into existence in 2014 which is very late as compared to other tech giants but they really captured the market in such a short time. OnePlus is also popular to provide the best and latest features which we can see in their last model which was OnePlus 6t. The phone was a big success as it came up with the highest RAM in one of their variants which was 10GB. This specific feature is delivered by some other smartphone makers, but OnePlus is far ahead in capturing the market.

Now OnePlus 7 is to be launched on May 14 and there are rumors about the features but we don’t know that what reality is. The most rumored feature is the popup selfie camera which is a major trend these days in the latest smartphones. Another rumor is that OnePlus 7 will come in two major categories a Standard and a Pro Version. Critics are hoping that Android 9.0 Pie version will be offered in the smartphone.

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