OnePlus Open 2/Oppo Find N4 Scheduled for Early 2025 Release with Improved Hinge

The OnePlus Open, also known as the Oppo Find N3 in China, is considered one of the best foldable smartphones available, even outperforming Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5. However, its successor, the OnePlus Open 2, might be released later than expected, according to a new report from reputable Chinese tipster Digital Chat Station.

The tipster suggests that the OnePlus Open 2 will launch in Q1 2025, despite the previous model’s release in October of last year. This delay implies that the new foldable could feature Qualcomm’s upcoming flagship chip, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4. The Oppo version might be called the Find N4, or possibly the Find N5, since the number 4 is considered unlucky in China.

The OnePlus Open 2 is expected to include an improved hinge, a slimmer design, and a folding screen with a significantly reduced crease. It will likely feature a high-resolution cover screen and may come with a periscope camera.

Samsung’s Competing Foldables
Samsung’s competing foldable smartphones are anticipated to launch in July this year at the Galaxy Unpacked event. This event is expected to introduce the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6, which are rumored to have smaller creases due to thicker Ultra Thin Glass (UTG).

Additionally, there are rumors that Samsung will release new versions of the Galaxy Z Fold 6, named the Z Fold 6 Slim and Z Fold 6 Ultra. The Z Fold 6 Slim is expected to be a thinner variant, designed to compete with the slim form factors of Chinese foldables. The Z Fold 6 Ultra is likely to compete with the OnePlus Open 2, offering high-end specifications.

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