Opposition Once Again Failed

Opposition Alliance Once Again Failed, Sanjrani Win is PTI’s Win


Grand opposition tried to make no-confidence movement successful but in the end Government’s supported senate chairman got enough votes to retain his seat.

Despite of all the mistakes, blunders and criticism PTI succeeded in gaining the required votes in favour of Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani on Thursday. 53 votes were required in order to remove Sadiq Sanjrani but only 50 votes were counted in no-confidence motion.

In the start of the session, almost 64 senators showed their support in favor of no confidence voting process. The government’s allies stunned to see the alliance because only 53 votes were required to make this movement successful. But the results changed the situation completely.
Only 50 votes were declared final and 14 senators left the opposition alliance at last time.
It’s also important to note that Jan Achakzai gave advance congratulations to Sadiq Sanjrani.

Ist Time in History Resignation Demanded:
First time in the history of Pakistan we saw a well-organized campaign for the resignation of senate chairman. But it was not successful and either its government’s win or some hidden agenda. Time will prove it.

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